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Grip Sport International (GSI)

What is Grip?

Grip Sport consists of various disciplines that demonstrate strength of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Grip Strength is central to all facets of strength training and weightlifting, however, within the framework of what is called Grip Sport, or Armlifting, the Grip, itself, is primarily what is emphasized in the traditional disciplines. GSI has created a cohesive framework for Grip Sport defining what the it is, how lifts are performed, how contests are run, and how a worldwide network of athletes can train and compete together, raising the bar for Grip around the globe!

What is GSI?

The Mission of GSI is to serve as a centralized sanctioning body to the various international organizations operating in Grip Sport and Armlifting.

How Does GSI Operate?
  • GSI operates as a non-for-profit organization with the sole goal of growing Grip
  • GSI acts as a centralized sanctioning group for Grip Organizations
  • GSI maintains leaderboards and databases relating to sanctioned Grip competition
  • GSI maintains rules and best practices for global competition in Grip
  • GSI certifies world records according to accepted standards
What are the Disciplines in Grip?

As a standard competition guideline, GSI supports inclusion of Open-Handed Grip, Pinch Grip and Close-Handed Grip disciplines. Further details of what these disciplines entail can be found on the Rules and Events page. GSI recognizes equipment or implements from various manufacturers from numerous countries – this is an ever-expanding list. GSI tracks the most popular implements for lifts performed in sanctioned competition.