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Sauerland Grip Challenge 3
Saturday, January 14th, 2023

Rixener Dorfstrasse 2
599529 Brillon, Orsteil Rixen

On Instagram @christophakahonk (Christoph Koch),
via email: christophakahonk@googlemail.com,
or Old School Strength Club


  1. Gripper 20mm Block Set
  2. DHWoG Euro Pinch @52mm
  3. Ironmind Apollon's Axle DOH Deadlift


4th Annual Armhighland Gripstrongwrestling Powergames
Friday, October 1st @ 11 am

2116 Highland Ae NE,
Hickory NC28601

Link: Download Entry Form


  • Gripper (20 mm)
  • Euro Two Hand Pinch
  • 2.5" Crusher
  • Lever Top
  • Sledge Choke
  • Ancillery Event: Flintstone Pinch for Cumlulative Time

See entry form for more details


Skillet Hands
Saturday, Sept 24th

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Entry Form and Info Link: Skillet Hands Grip Strength Challenge | Facebook

See Link

JULY 2022

Bearly Gripping
Saturday, July 30th

Gavin Power Plant Rec Center
Cheshire, Ohio

Entry Form and Info Link: BEARLY GRIPPING 2022 | Facebook

See Link


Saturday, November 06th

Michael Rogowski

Entry Form and Info Link: gripboard.com


  1. Unbraced nail snapping (60d nails)
  2. Mid length bars (14"-30")
  3. Horseshoe to finish
  4. 12" spike snap, as many as possible in 40 minutes
Events subject to change. If enough first-time contestants there may be a novice division. Limit of 12 entries.

Entry fee will be assessed once sufficient entries are received and the steel is ordered, will be approximately $40.


Rocky Mountain Grip Sports - Summer Squeeze
A Grip Sports International sactioned event. Records lists located at GripSportsInt.com
Saturday, August 21

2" x 5" Saxon Bar Pinch Deadlift to lockout (CTS)
2 1/4" Crush Rolling Handle – 6" lift (FBBC)
3 " Blockbuster One Hand Pinch to lockout (Ironmind)
2 1/2"Jug Handle Vertical – 6" lift (FBBC)

Lifters will be allowed 4 trips to the platform with 1 minute to complete the lift
taking as many attempts as needed within that minute (rising bar).

Weight Classes:
Men: 66k / 74k / 83k / 93k / 105k / 120k / 120+k
Women: 52k / 63k / 72k / 84k / 84kg+

Entry fee: $20 paid at sign-in. No awards are planned at this time.
Contact Steve or Jeremy if you would like to attend.

Steve Millard: stevemillard.pe@gmail.com
Jeremy Everding: dinger-7458@hotmail.com

9am ‑ 9:30am ‑ Sign‑in and weigh‑in
9:30am ‑ First event rules and start
Depending on attendance, the last event will end at about 2:00pm.

1117 Village Road
Carbondale, CO

JULY 2021

Gripmas in July
Saturday, July 31

Arm Assasin Strength Shop Napalms Nightmare 2"
Barrel Strength System Flask 2-hand Pitch
Fat Bastard Barrel Company Grab Ball
Country Crush 2"

Social distancing protocols will be in place.

Entry fee: $20
Competitors must arrive by 9 am.

Couch Potato Garage
1207 NE 75th Street
Vancouver, WA

APRIL 2021

Rocky Mountain Grip Sport - World Cup Record Breaker
Saturday, April 17th

3”x4” Saxon Bar Deadlift to lockout (Sorinex)
2” Napalm’s Nightmare 6” lift (Arm Assassin Strength Shop)
HorneTop 10” lift (World of Grip)
Adjustable Thick Bar 10” lift (World of Grip)
Gold Bar 13” lift (World of Grip)
Fence Post 4” lift (World of Grip)

For Grip Sport International records, lifters will be allowed four attempts with 1 min allowed for each attempt allowing as many lifts as needed (rising bar).

For World of Grip records, lifters will be allowed exactly four attempts (rising bar). This is required to qualify for the World of Grip World Records lists. If the lifter chooses to use the 1 min to take multiple attempts, he/she is disqualified from the World of Grip Records.

Weight Classes:
Men: 66k/ 74k/ 83k/ 93k/ 105k/ 120k/ 120+k
Women: 52k/ 63k/ 72k/ 84k/ 84kg+

This gathering is for friendly competition and for competitors to improve their positions on the Grip Sport International records lists or break World of Grip records. No awards are planned.

Entry fee: $20 paid at sign-in. Please contact Steve or Jeremy if you would like to attend.

9am-9:30am - Sign-in: and weigh-ins 9:30am – First event rules and start Depending on attendance, the last event will end at about 2:00pm

Steve Millard: stevemillard.pe@gmail.com (970) 404-2484
Jeremy Everding: dinger-7458@hotmail.com (970) 274-3248

1117 Village Road
Carbondale, CO
We will compete outdoors if weather permits.


Alex Grip Cup
January 23, 2020
Promoter: Alexander Andreev
Location: St. Petersberg
Event Details:
Entry Form and Info Link: will be added soon Events: Two Hands Pinch Flask, Crusher 2.25, Grab Ball. Rising Bar Format, cross-bar height will be 16,5 inches for Flask and 6 inches for Crusher and Grab Ball. 4 attempts, where contestants are not permitted to reduce the weight.


7th Annual International King Kong Grip Challenge
"The Biggest Grip Sport Contest on the Planet"
Main Contest Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2019
King Kong Locations and Promoters

North America:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Eric Roussin
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - Rob McMurren
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Jason Steeves
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada - Brad Provick
Detroit, Michigan, USA - Andrew Pantke
Woodbury, Minnesota, USA - Allen Heineck and Joel Dircks
Nashville, Tennessee, USA - Gil Goodman
Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, USA - Jedd Johnson
Newbury Park, California, USA - Riccardo Magni and Odd Haugen
Millersville, Missouri, USA - John McCarter
Tallahassee, Florida, USA - Nigel Blackburn
Colorado, USA - Rachel Crass Wood and Jason Wood
Maui, Hawaii, USA - John Oka
Fort Worth, Texas, USA - Adam Glass
Bethesda, Ohio, USA - Mike Saffell

London, England - Jerome Bloom
Norway - Thomas Larsen
Iisalmi, Finland - Jouni Mähönen
Vantaa, Finland - Harri Tolonen
Austria - Patsy and Sirko Petermann
St. Petersburg, Russia - Alexander Andreev
Germany - Christoph Koch
Ukraine - Ivan Pupchenko
Italy - Aldo Alberico

Dubai, UAE - Bader Alawadhi

Melbourne, Australia - Andrew Lea

Contests to be run early:
October 19 - Detroit, MI - Andrew Pantke
October 20 - Waterloo, ON - Rob McMurren
October 22 - Bethesda, OH - Mike Saffell
October 23 - Dubai - Bader Alawadhi

Special Announcements for King Kong 2019

  1. There will be a Youth Division in this year’s King Kong contest. This division is optional: it will be offered at the individual contest promoter’s discretion. Results will be tallied separately, and there will be small medals for the top three international finishers in each of the following divisions:

    Boys 7 and under, Boys 8-10, Boys 11-13, Boys 14-15, Boys 16-17
    Girls 7 and under, Girls 8-10, Girls 11-13, Girls 14-15, Girls 16-17

  2. This year there will be a special golden gorilla sculpture for the overall top female (same as male prize)


event image

Armhighland Gripstrongwrestling Power Games
Saturday, Sept 21 at 10 AM EDT
Used Gym Store
245 Orbit Road, Statesville, North Carolina 28677

JULY 2019

Gripaholics Unanimous
Sunday, July 7, 2019
Promoter: Rachel & Jason Wood
Strong Bodies Performance Center, Lakewood, CO

JUNE 2019

North American Grip Sport Championship
June 8, 2019
Promoter: Jedd Johnsons
Elmira NY

Twin Cities Strongest Hands
June 29, 2019
Promoter: llen Heineck / Joel Dircks
Metroflex Gym, Fridley MN